The Organic Centre Fundraising Event with patron and chef Neven Maguire 15th July 2018

The Organic Centre Fundraising Event with patron and chef Neven Maguire 15th July 2018

Food Education with The Organic Centre is the theme for this year’s fundraising event with our patron Neven Maguire on Sunday 15th July 2018 from 11am -5pm.

With special guests to be announced soon

Food education is on everyone’s agenda: From Jamie Oliver to Bord Bia’s Food Dudes programme, from the Irish Restaurants Association to Food on the Edge, from Weight Watchers to Slow Food, from the Taste Council to Tesco, from the Irish Food Writers Guild to GIY.

JP McMahon, curator of Food on the Edge says: “Food is as important as maths. We need a food subject that takes in agriculture, farming, science, geography and history.”

There are numerous initiatives to equip children with food and nutrition education in the kitchen and in the classroom to empower them with lifelong skills. Research on food education has proven that knowledge about food and nutrition increases children’s fruit and vegetable consumption.

The reach and effectiveness of these initiatives varies greatly. At primary level, food education happens through SPHE and includes a range of programmes. One of these, Bord Bia’s Food Dudes programme, which encourages children to try fruit and vegetables, now has a very wide reach. 

In secondary schools, food education is primarily covered in home economics, biology, and SPHE, along with some transition year programmes.

What is very often missing in these initiatives is that food grows in soil and starts with a seed. I strongly believe that real food education starts with an edible school garden in every school. Only if we make the connection from healthy soil full of nutrients for vegetables to grow to healthy food full of nutrients for us to eat, real change will happen.


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