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Our 2016 course programme offers you information, knowledge and skills to inspire you to grow food for yourself, cook, preserve, forage, ferment and brew – helping to build a more sustainable and healthier food culture. You can start with the smallest garden and the tiniest kitchen, but the effect will be immense.

Our own health depends on good soil, full of nutrients and teeming with microbes and bacterial life. More and more people are now aware of this connection between healthy food and healthy organic soil.

Growing your own food leads to physical and mental health and wellbeing is our guiding theme for 2016. So, with that in mind we have freshened up our core gardening courses and offer new courses like “Therapeutic Gardening”, “Masterclasses in Healthy Soil and Organic Pest & Disease Management” and “Design your garden with Health in Mind”. Other new courses include “Soft Cheesemaking”, “Growing Greens & Roots for Juices & Nourishment” and “Fermented & Cultured Foods – the next level”.
We are proud to announce two new courses with Jim Cronin in Co. Clare on “Green Manures” and “No Dig Gardening”.

We will continue to host GIY Sunday Afternoons at The Organic Centre and all our events in 2016, except the fundraising Garden Party with Neven Maguire on July 17th, will be free, but talks and workshops by selected guest speakers may be ticketed. As 2016 is The Year of the Tomato, we are planning another Tomato Day with tastings and recipes in August.

This year in our seed catalogue we are very excited to have an extended range of organic tomato seeds on offer (see p.48), including 2 new cherry tomatoes Clementine and Mirabelle Blanche, the large heirloom variety Brandywine and an excellent plum called Roma. Throughout the seed catalogue we have plenty more ‘newbies’ and we are particularly looking forward to trying out the large leafed ‘Basil Lettuce Leaf’ which will be the perfect accompaniment to our tasty tomatoes.

In addition to all of this, we have greatly increased the range of vegetable plants, potted herbs, shrubs and fruit trees produced by our Community Garden and these are available to purchase in our shop. The latter half of 2015 saw the launch of our new website . We hope that this new up to date site will make online shopping a much better experience for our customers. All courses, seeds and garden sundries can now be purchased easily on our new site.

Best wishes
Hans Wieland and all The Organic Centre Team

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