How to store and more – all home-preserving methods in one day!

Home preserving made easy in our new 1-day-course Saturday 29th August 2015. In August our gardens should be in full production with a huge variety of vegetables and fruits. You will not be able to eat it all and you are probably not tempted to sell your produce either. So you need to think of ways to keep them or in other words preserve them for later consumption. And the freezer is not always the best option!

Harvesting methods and techniques

Some vegetables will be “pulled”, others “lifted, cut or dug out”. Different crops need different techniques for harvesting, cauliflower for example is cut, sprouting broccoli is picked, onions are lifted, carrots are pulled (if you have loose soil!). As varied as the harvesting techniques are the methods of preserving and storing the abundance of your garden produce. Using the best method is important in keeping the nutritional value. The members of the cabbage family for example are all different when it comes to storage: Stored cool and moist broccoli lasts a week, while Kale can be kept in the ground till harvest; heads of cabbage can be fermented into sauerkraut.Many root vegetables like carrots, beetroot and celery store well in lightly damp cool, oh and tomatoes, only 3 choices really, eat, dry or make sauces!

Very important to know: Do NOT store potatoes and apples together for any length of time. The ethylene gas emanating from your ripening apples will shrink your spuds!
Who are the enemies when it comes to preserving? Any method of preserving has to fight and control the 4 enemies, namely bacteria, fungi, enzymes and yeasts, which will destroy your food and all methods deal with them in a different way
Hot Fill-ins – a great new way of preserving
This method is relatively new and in the absence of a proper English term I have named it after the direct translation from the German term “Heiss Einfuellen”. It has partly substituted the old fashioned sterilisation method and is mostly used for preserving fruit and vegetables. It was technically made possible with the invention of twist-off lids and is a simple and easy, energy and labour saving method.

Want to become a Preservista?

If you wish to learn more about the art of storing and preserving vegetables and fruit then our course on August 29th is a good way to start. Gaby Wieland will demonstrate all methods and display the equipment needed. Practical sessions will include making sauerkraut and jam-making without sugar. Recipes will be given and samples can be tasted. For further details contact The Organic Centre on 071-9854338 or email or

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