Interview with Kevin Bohan, one of our full time horticulture students, 2018.

Hi Kevin, I just want to say thank you for taking the time to answer a couple of our questions. It really helps us gain valuable insight into our horticulture students course experience.  The Organic Centre team and all our readers really appreciate it very much.

So, why did you decide to study horticulture? and have you done anything like it before?

I decided to study Horticulture as life in the city stopped making sense. Upskilling myself through the year-long Horticulture course along with the weekend courses offered at the centre will allow me to make more socially responsible consumption choices into the future, whilst hopefully empowering others to consider similar choices. Although I spent a lot of my childhood on a farm, I grew up trying to avoid weekends on the farm with my father (a beef farmer) so that I could go to football training/matches/band practice/mass/anything at all instead.  I still haven’t come out as a vegetarian to him :0  I’ve also Wwoofed around the world.

What are the biggest challenges you personally face during the course?

Eschewing the opportunities to drink gallons of milky tea. Not gobbling a Sungold Cherry Tomato straight from the vine when no one is looking. Closing my eyes to the fresh meadows of horsetail on a walk through the gardens.  None apart from that: being on the course is a total privilege.

Any favourite new facts you’ve learnt so far?

With one acre of well managed land I could potentially avoid banks and supermarkets forever.

How did you find the work experience week in the commercial industry?

Rather insightful.  It’s left me intrigued by Permaculture and the prospect of less weeding. However I did almost lose my thumb and index finger to weeding over the two weeks!

What is your favourite vegetable?

The shpud. C’mon. All other vegetables were only created to adorn the shpud.

Have you got any future plans for going commercial in organic horticulture?

I’d like to start with my own smallholding, learn from my own small mistakes and slowly take things from there.  I definitely want to be of some service to society in whatever form that may take.

Great stuff thanks Kevin! There you have it folks. We will follow this interview up with more interviews with other students during the rest of the course year.

Jakob Smit, TOC team.

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