Jill-by Helen Pinoff

We have had news that Jill, our long term friend and colleague has passed away. 

Here is a tribute from Helen at the Organic Centre.



Jill worked her magic here at the Organic Centre since the very beginning. So we will miss her enormously.

She has left us a beautiful legacy of her generosity and unusual plants.

She supported us in many ways, solidly, but with so little fanfare that some of us may be unaware of just how hard she was working. Let me count the ways …..

Jill helped us enormously with much-needed fund-raising, – nurturing hundreds of pots of beautiful plants for us to sell. She wrote and published an amazing little book packed with useful information, called “Organic Gardening is Simple”, donating all the proceeds to the Organic Centre. She worked her socks off every year in March selling bags of seed potatoes. She worked at our Christmas Fairs selling heaps of fund-raising bric-a-brac. Jill did all this work voluntarily, from the heart, to support us in any practical way she can.

We were most likely to come across Jill in the gardens, where she wove more magic amongst the colourful and unusual flowers and shrubs. It’s Jill we have to thank for the joyful displays in the flower beds all year round. She made the beautiful and unique indoor garden in Polytunnel No 2, a little warm and verdant gardening gem, an Organic Centre surprise which is enjoyed by all our visitors.

Her magic was not only with nurturing plants – but also with people, spreading her enthusiasm and giving of her time. Every year she encouraged our students in every way she could. She offered brilliant advice to all who asked; staff, students, helpers and visitors alike. She made spectacular hand-made posters and pictures, which educate and inform and brighten up the walls. At weekends Jill would often be here, working away, perhaps in her distinctive paddy-field hat, gladly stopping to talk gardening matters with visitors, and making their visit special.

More often than not her husband Mark was working alongside her, quietly and steadily giving his time and energy and support. They have been true friends of the Organic Centre all through the years.

Jill’s particular brand of magic was born of generosity, expertise and enthusiasm, and will always be appreciated by us and the wider organic circle of gardeners – more than words can say.


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