Out in the garden with Ingrid.



Out In The Garden With Ingrid. 

Some gardening tips by the Organic Centres Ingrid Foley


One of the benefits of having more time at home has been a massive surge of interest in gardening.
Whether its flowers or veg and fruit what a joy it is to get involved. Gardening is a wonderful activity
for both physical and mental health for everyone in the family.
Its now June so growth is burgeoning for anyone who has embarked on the growing journey.
The main tasks to keep on top of at this time of year are weeding, watering, sideshooting & feeding
tomatoes and cucumbers .. (if you have a tunnel), moulding up potatoes.. grass mowings very handy
for this and continue to sow.
So, what can you sow now? Quite a lot..lettuce, radish, baby turnips, spinach, chard, beetroot
kohlrabi, Florence fennel, carrots, coriander, basil ( for glasshouse, tunnel or kitchen window).
Please note carrots should be sown directly in the soil..they do not transplant successfully.
Fruit such as strawberries will be ripening up given the great weather we had during May.
Blackcurrant bushes should be laden with green fruit which will be ready for picking in July. Apple
trees took a bit of a battering during high winds we had a few weeks ago so depending on where
they are in your garden fruit might be a bit sparse this year.
For those of you growing flowers which of course are fantastic for attracting bees and for creating
biodiversity regularly deadhead blooms as they fade to encourage more flowers.
Given that we live in the North West weather is highly variable. So, as a gardener it is always a good
idea to listen to the weather forecast. For example Monday night was very chilly a complete to
contrast to the sizzling temperatures the previous week plants do not like such extremes. Having
horticultural fleece is always handy for sensitive plants to keep them cosy!!
So readers keep sowing, growing, weeding, watering, feeding and keep an ear out for weather


Ingrid Foley (M.Agr. Sc.Comm Hert) has been working with the Organic Centre for over 15 years, doing outreach work and as a tutor. 

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