Growing Forward in 2017

 by Hans Wieland For most of us gardeners December and January often are more reflective times, we sit and think and dream what happened in the garden this year and what we want to happen next year. Here is what I have been thinking: Protect o

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away – Fruitful Endeavours

"We can all grow apples!" says Hans Wieland  At The Organic Centre we have an orchard with more than 50 different varieties of apples, a few pears and a few plums. The orchard was established to demonstrate that we can produce apples in Ireland and

Preserving vegetables and fruit – How to store and more!

by Hans Wieland  In August our gardens should be in full production with a huge variety of vegetables and fruits. You will not be able to eat it all and you are probably not tempted to sell your produce either. So you need to think of ways

“Learn how to live the Good Life” 30th July to 1st August 2016

The August bank holiday weekend sees the return of the famous “Good life course” with Hans and Gaby Wieland with sessions on organic gardening, using herbs, making cheese, sourdough baking, foraging and wild foods,  fermenting and cooking. Inspi

The Organic Centre Garden Party with Neven Maguire Saturday 16th July

This is a fundraising event and tickets at €15 can be bought on line or over the phone.This year’s Garden Party will also feature award winning garden designer and former RTE Super Garden Winner Leonie Cornelius and GIY founder member Michael Kel

Biodiversity Day at The Organic Centre – Sunday 22nd May 2-5pm

Biodiversity and Organic Gardeningby Hans WielandBiodiversity is a big word and many people are not sure what this it all about? So I will try and explain how I see it. The dictionary says: Biodiversity is the variety of all life forms on earth. I th

Green Manures for Brown Fingers – Join the Green Manure Revolution

by Hans Wieland Today I will start with my own quote of the day: “In a nutshell or dung heap for that matter, modern society is built on cow manure!” (Hans Wieland)Once people settled and began growing food in the same spot again and again,

No healthy vegetables without healthy soil

by Hans Wieland It seems the country is gripped by a health craze: From operation transformation to healthy cooking programmes by Neven Maguire, Donal Skeehan and others, from Bord Bia's promotion: "Potatoes, more than a bit on the side" to heal

The wonder of growing from seeds

by Hans Wieland Growing food from seeds is one of the wonders of gardening and often taken for granted, but it is definitely one of the most exciting and even addictive activities. Browsing seed catalogues early in the year answers the all important

Re-thinking your garden

by Hans Wieland  The Winter Solstice on 21st of December is fast approaching and we all are looking forward to the days getting longer again.  For most of us gardening hours are now restricted to weekend afternoons. It is the time when we

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