What we will see more in 2017

by Hans Wieland

Very soon we will read in magazines, newspapers and online what’s hot in gardening in 2017, what the latest trends are, the plants to have and the shows to attend. That will be all very well and sometimes mildly entertaining, but it is not my gardening world and doesn’t ring true with the work of The Organic Centre. OK, I hazard a guess and predict that the fashion industry will “discover” gardening!

Based on our ears to the ground here is what we will see more in 2017:

1. More people will compost, because more people do experience the wonderful effect compost has in growing vegetables. More people also begin to realise how much money can be saved by recycling waste material. And because more people following the no dig method in gardening, compost is all they need. As it is not rocket science everybody can do it and with a few recycled pallets a compost box is constructed in minutes.

2. More people will kill their lawn in favour of planting fruit trees and bushes, a few vegetable beds or a herb patch, because lawns are unproductive, costly and time consuming. (Football pitches for kids are exempt!) The revival of growing potatoes in lazy beds as the best strategy to start a garden from scratch is already underway!

3. More people will have a polytunnel, not just because undercover gardening is so addicitve, but because the beauty of for example harvesting lettuce all year round can’t be measured in money terms only. Although the savings can be substantial it is the flavour, the colour and the taste of homegrown salad leaves that are unbeatable.

4. And with the help of polytunnels more people will grow and harvest all year round and experience the seasons in a very down to earth way.

5. More people will eat weeds, because they are plants often higher in nutrients than our “ordinary” garden plants, but the real thrill for many gardeners often is to find these undervalued species in the wild thus satisfying our discovery instincts.

6. More restaurants and cafes will have their own kitchen gardens and kitchen gardeners supplying the enterprising chefs with the freshest vegetables and herbs imaginable and often resulting in simple seasonal dishes of extraordinary flavour.

7. More people will eat fermented foods as they learn how easy it is to cook,  pickle and preserve with the help of micro organisms.

We at The Organic Centre have always tried to develop a new food culture through information and education with courses, events, demonstration gardens and our outreach work with schools and community gardens. Let’s grow forward together and bring it to a new level in 2017!
Happy Gardening!


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