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Project Earth:

We are hosting two FREE online youth eco-art workshops to celebrate the harvest season so come join in this mid-term break! [2x sessions October 27th & 29th]

Suitable for young people aged 7-11yrs; part of the first workshop will be self-directed and require access to an outdoor area to collect & create pieces using twigs leaves etc [your garden or local woodland] OR you are equally welcome to visit the magic areas around the Organic Centre to collect & create your nature art!

Activities will include making leaf 'fireworks', leaf rubbing & printing, twig 'skeleton' & twig/leaf mobiles, leaf animals & more!

Register here to receive instructions on how to self-direct your outdoor making for the session I [Oct 27th] plus what to collect for session II [Oct 29th], & tell your friends!:)

Needed: computer & camera to document your eco-art creations, child-friendly scissors, paper, paint & crayons, wool & string & all your other favourite crafty bitz.."

Find out more and to register using this link.

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