Tutor: Peter Cowman
Delivered: In Person



Garden ecoShed Workshop 2


This 2 day Workshop will focus on the practicalities of constructing a Garden ecoShed as a self-build/direct labour project, by employing a building contractor or by utilising a combination of both.


The Workshop format will be such that participants can engage with the decision-making process necessary to the success of the construction of their ecoShed.


A strong emphasis will be placed on how to minimise costs while maintaining high standards particularly in respect of fulfilling commitments to environmental and health matters.


With a firm focus on how to bring individual designs into built reality participants can expect, on completing this Workshop, to have assembled a comprehensive body of material relating to all aspects of how their Garden ecoShed will be constructed - and by whom.  


It is planned to have camping facilities available on-site and to organise a communal evening meal to be followed [possibly] by a film and/or a group discussion.


Participants should prepare for this Workshop by downloading and studying Garden eco-Shed Workshop 2 Handout  and bring with them their design work based on the Garden eco-Shed Workshop 1 Handout


Amongst the topics that will be covered are the following: 

The importance of design

Model making

Invisible Architecture

Site analysis

Structural systems

Heating & Ventilation systems

Selecting insulation materials

Sourcing & selecting other building materials & products

Quantifying and costing materials & products

Estimating construction timeframes

Plumbing, including rainwater harvesting and storage

Drainage, including compost toilets and greywater recycling

Electrical, including off-grid 12/24v systems

Natural paints - how to make and use them

Preparing working drawings

Construction tools

Skill sharing

Setting out the building on-site

Site and work area preparation

Engaging and working with volunteers

Construction sequences


Experiencing your ecoShed




Many of these topics will be illustrated practically - for example:

Model making

Site Analysis

Orienting a building to capture solar energy

Material selection

Setting out a buildings' footprint on-site

Mastering the 3 basic timber framing skills  - measuring/marking, cutting and nailing!  


Peter Cowman is an architect, eco-builder, writer and teacher delivering Courses & Workshops internationally on the subject of Living Architecture. He began teaching people how to design their own homes in 1989, a task which he still pursues as director of the Living Architecture Centre. Never having had a mortgage himself, Peter has a special interest in the creation of affordable, healthy, low-impact, mortgage-free buildings and has developed a unique timber framing system for cost-conscious self-builders. Originator of the ‘sheltermaker’ and ‘living architecture’ concepts Peter’s work has been widely publicised in both print as well as broadcast media, worldwide. He lives in south Leitrim. His Sheltermaker's Manual is published by Python Press. His website is sheltermaker.com


Cost: €140
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