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The Organic Centre: Celebrating connections with Lakota water protectors 28th May: 10am-12pm

On Sunday, May 28th the Organic Centre will welcome water protectors from the Lakota nation. Book on eventbrite for an estimation of numbers here. 

Staff and members of the Organic Centre will host an event including a symbolic action, tour and entertainment to honor the deep connection between the Lakota people, ourselves as Irish and the soil. The aim will be to raise awareness of the threat of soil degradation due to overconsumption and industrial land use changes, which threatens us all. Indigenous people have a deep appreciation for working with the land, organic ways, and Mother Earth. There is a connection for many here too of the importance of the soil and the need to protect it. The aim of the event is to make those connections and highlight that we are all guardians of the soil and need to take care of it for all our futures. The event organizers invite the public to come and join the event,  action and entertainment and support the message of unity in protecting our earth and its resources. Link to related article:

*Car pooling-Meet at the Castle in Manaorhamilton 9.30am for those in need of transport. 

Free event #BiodiversityWeek 

Cost: Free
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