Visitor Gardens

Visitor Gardens

We have developed our gardens over 20 years and believe there is something here for everyone to enjoy. But don’t take our word for it!

Entrance fee for the gardens is €4 and concession is €2, children are free. Your fee is used for upkeep and develop our gardens for you to learn from and enjoy!

Here are what our customers like about the garden from our September 2013 on-line survey:

  • “The polytunnels and the flower borders and the witches hut!”
  • “Seeing the different varieties of vegetables, fruits and herbs”
  • “Educational view of how the gardens are layed out and maintained”
  • “Everything changes with the seasons staff are lovely”
  • “Gaby Wieland’s energy! Jill in the tunnel for her knowledge and obvious love of her work, and Ingrid for her enthusiasm, All their work and the work of the other staff now and over the years have made the Centre a very special place and I love to visit”
  • “Seeing examples of what can be achieved both in a household garden and commercially”
  • “Plants for sale”
  • “Grass roof and orchards”
  • “The enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff”
  • “Polytunnels, orchard and willow structures”
  • “Seeing ideas”
  • “Wet land area”
  • “Compost making, polytunnels”
  • “Seeing techniques used, new ways of doing things, garden layouts”
  • “Plants and environment nice to sit and have tea and plan purchases”
  • “The display of books others for sale”
  • “It is a lovely walk around for all ages”
  • “Every time I go something different shines out”
  • “Different herbs/medicinal plants”
  • “The play area”
  • “I was inspired by how beautiful and productive the gardens are especially given the difficult soil conditions (i.e., how wet Leitrim is). But that is only one aspect – it’s a very special place”
  • “The range of different things to see and the very high standard to which the centre and gardens are maintained”
  • “Orchard, wetland sewage treatment, willows, composting, well everything really!”
  • “It was great to wander at will around the gardens and meadow”
  • “The general landscape of the whole garden area and the comfortable feel of the centre itself”

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The Organic Centre, Rossinver, Co. Leitrim, Ireland.

From within Ireland: (071) 985 4338
International: +353 71 985 4338

From within Ireland: (071) 985 4343
International: +353 71 985 4343


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