Bacteria was isolated from Irish soil ( Donegal, Galway, Kildare and Cork ) that had not been cultivated for many years.

As selection of bacteria with the best growth promoting characteristics were selected and then tested to ensure that they could survive in a culture.

These strains are naturally adapted to thrive in Irish soil.

Over cultivation can lead to poor soil structure and dead lifeless soil.

Rhizo Power adds life back into the depleted soil, boosting the soil texture and adding vitality and richness naturally and simply.

Rhize returns the earthiness, quality and rich aroma to the planted crop.

rhizo power A finalist in New Product Award at GLAS 2018


Irish soil bacteria bringing life back to Irish soil - A Probiotic for Soil





‘…..rhizo power Increased Crop and High Bloom act as probiotics - applied as a tonic to the soil – and are perfectly adapted for use in Ireland as it contains only natural bacteria, isolated from a wide variety of Irish soils. rhizo power Increased Crop and High Bloom work by producing phyto-hormones, anti-fungal agents and metabolites which promote the growth of the roots and then the growth of the plant…..’


rhizo power resolves the age old problem of over-cultivated, tired, lifeless soil.  Pesticide usage in Ireland is under major change due to tightening European restrictions on availability and application. Progressive growers, amenities providers and farmers are aware of these changes and are searching for an alternative. nadicom GmbH has found the answer in rhizo power – a natural tonic developed for Irish soils.


Vegetable growers have trialled rhizo power in Ireland and have seen higher yields, ability to tolerate abiotic stresses, plant immunity to fungal diseases, greener leaves, and a greater storage ability after picking. Trial results are available upon request.



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Rhizo Power High Bloom

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