• Organic Troy Onion Sets (Autumn Planting) 250g

Organic Troy Sets

  • Overwintering onion sets for planting between September and December, even can be planted in January and early February..
  • Winter hardy
  • Can be pulled throughout Winter and Spring as scallions, or left to grow into mature onions.
  • Onions will be ready for harvesting in May/June, 3-4 weeks before spring planted sets will be ready.
  • Onions need a friable, free-draining soil and it needs to be a fertile, weed-free, compost-enriched spot in full sun (no fresh manure).
  • Sow 3cm deep and 4-5cm apart in the row with 30-40cm apart between the rows.

Average number of sets:

250g = 65 to 75 sets 

500g = 135 to 150 sets
1kg = 270 to 300 sets

The principal advantage of planting onion sets in the autumn is that your onions are ready to harvest around a month before spring-sown onion sets are. Also, because they are harvested around a month earlier, you can potentially immediately follow them with another crop that would be too late to plant a month later. Sweet corn and winter squash for example. For a good yield, onions need moist soil when they are bulking up in Spring.

Certified organic

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Organic Troy Onion Sets (Autumn Planting) 250g

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