• Food grade, BPA free rPET made from recycled plastic bottles: 100% recycled
  • stress-tested to 10KG – carry all your spuds safely!
  • Sets contain 3 bags: 31.5 x 30 cms each
  • See the produce through the net and affix price tag to the label
  • Machine washable, easy to dry, do not attract mould or bacteria
  • Helps fresh produce to breath and stay fresher for longer
  • No bleach or colour used in production so fully recyclable

Help to banish single-use plastic bags from your life, your home and our planet by investing in a Carrinet Veggio Reusable Bag Set – the ‘bags for life’ for fruit and vegetables.

We’re all trying to eat more healthily, striving to meet the 5-a-day (or is it 10 now?) target, which means buying more fresh veg and fruit, and that often means bringing home loads more supermarket packaging every week… Very aware of how much this concerns our customers, we’ve tracked down these brilliant reusable food bags which are super-lightweight and nice and strong as well as being easy to open and close.

Stash them with your trolley totes ready for your trips to the farmers’ market, greengrocers or supermarket and you’ll be helping Carrinet to banish the worldwide packaging-waste problem for good.

Hardwearing Mesh

Made from high quality polyester net, the fine mesh bags have been stress-tested to 10kg so you can be sure your Veggios will carry home a generous quantity of spuds or onions for weekly shop after weekly shop.

Drawstring Fastening

Each bag has a strong nylon drawstring cord making it simple to stop your chosen varieties of apples, oranges or carrots from escaping on the checkout conveyor belt.

Large Side Label

If your local supermarket follows the continental custom of asking you to weigh and label produce before you get to the till, the smooth label sewn into the side seam gives you a flat place to stick the printed label so the barcode will scan with ease.


Because it’s made from mesh, it’s obvious that air can pass through – but the great advantage is that it eliminates condensation build-up, so veggies won’t go soggy and wet if you don’t unbag them the instant you get home.


The mesh makes it easy to wash a batch of fruit together before they go into your fruit bowl, and if you favour field-fresh potatoes that are a bit muddy when you buy them, the bag can be popped in the washing machine once it’s empty to get it clean. It can even double up as a laundry wash bag to keep socks or tights under control.

BPA free.

About Carrinet

A small Swedish company who are trying to help us all save the planet, one plastic bag at a time – their ethos is “Recycling is good – Reusing is better.” Having realised that the average Swedish household uses 250 flimsy plastic bags per year to bring home fruit and vegetables, the concept of the reusable Veggio bag was one of their first products – so much better than those ultra-thin bags that have no second-hand value and are almost impossible to reuse.

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Carrinet Veggio Reusable Fruit and Veg Bags Pack of 3

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