• Growing Potatoes: A Directory of Varieties and How to Cultivate Them Successfully

A beautifully simple and practical guide to getting the very best results from your potatoes Includes an illustrated guide to the different varieties of potato and their best growing conditions, including Carlingford, Maris Piper, Desiree, King Edward, Romano and many more Step-by-step instructions for preparing the soil, making compost and creating an organic garden Practical advice on how to grow potatoes, from choosing which variety to plant, sowing in rows and containers to harvesting and storing Helpful hints on how to avoid pests and diseases, and what to do when problems occur Potatoes were introduced into Europe from South America by the Spanish during the 16th century, and, for the last 200 years, they have been one of the worldÆs most important staple foods, providing an all-round source of nutrition. They are also quite easy to grow, if provided with a moist soil, and the flavour of newly harvested and cooked potatoes is incomparable. The different types and best-loved varieties of potato are described and illustrated, from the internationally popular Desiree and King Edward to the specialist Pink Fir Apple and Forty Fold, with information on their history and culinary uses. There is also key advice on essential tools, making compost and preparing the soil for new crops. The section on practical cultivation provides step-by-step instructions for sowing potatoes in rows and containers, chitting and planting, protecting and earthing up and how to harvest and store potatoes. There are suggestions for when and where to plant potatoes, and how to keep plants in tip-top condition by dealing with any pests and diseases. A must for the novice grower, the book also provides reliable information for the experienced gardener who wants to experiment with new varieties.

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Growing Potatoes: A Directory of Varieties and How to Cultivate Them Successfully

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