ruta graveolens
Approx. 400 seeds per gram

Rue is a very decorative and ornamental herb. It is a small perennial evergreen shrub reaching a height of about 60cm. The stems grow from the base of the plant and the small lobed leaves are deeply cut. It is said that the playing cards suit of clubs was based on the rue leaf. The flower is small and yellow and usually appears in late summer. The herb is very bitter and should only be used under medical supervision. The leaves are also a skin irritant and a photosensitive reaction can cause blisters. Rue is also known as the herb of grace which refers to its use in high mass where its branches were used to sprinkle holy water. Native to the Balkans Rue is a drought tolerant plants and likes a sunny spot with a free draining soil.

How to grow:
Sow seed undercover from March in trays of good organic compost. germination can be slow but when large enough plant the seedlings into 8 cm pots and grow on until they are about 8 cm high. Transplant into the growing site at a distance of about 45 cm apart. Groups a few plants together to make the most of the attractive foliage or plant in rows to make a hedge. You can sow seed directly into the growing site from May to September. Cut out flowering stalks to encourage greater leaf production.

Pests and diseases:
Rue leaves have been used as a powerful insecticide, as a remedy against fleas and as a general disinfectant so it does not suffer much in the way of pests and diseases.

How to use:
Rarely used in a culinary way Rue does have a number of medicinal properties but due to its powerful nature it is best enjoyed as a decorative plant in the garden.

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