Bambaw Stainless Steel Straws Set of 6 with Pipe Cleaner for effortless cleaning and a calico drawstring bag to store when not in use. Zero-Waste Impact
“It’s just a straw” – said 8 billion people. Plastic straws are such a problem because of the sheer magnitude. It is estimated that 170 to 390 million straws are used per day in the USA. That is enough to wrap them around the world at least once.

Most plastic straws are disposed of after a single use. After enjoying your drink with them for a couple of minutes, they end up in landfills or nature for centuries to come.

Refuse single-use straws

The best option is to refuse straws altogether. But not everyone can or wants to give up on straws. Then, a reusable straw is the eco-friendliest alternative. Most are made from bamboo, metal, glass or silicone.

Cheer with reusable straws

Having reusable straws at home will enable you to drink with them sustainably, whenever you feel like it. Keeping them at a handy place, where you can easily reach them at any time, like your purse or backpack will empower you to say no to single-use plastics.

Length 22cm

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Bambaw Stainless Steel Straws x 6

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