There are many hidden aspects to the process of ‘sheltermaking’. Peter Cowman refers to these as the ‘invisible architecture’. Unseen yet powerful in their effect, one will ignore these at one’s peril! We are invited to think of this invisible architecture not just in terms of physical buildings but also in terms of our dream world and the lives we have to live. When we become aware of the power of this ‘living of one’s architecture’ we are presented with a dynamic tool for practical change in our lives.

In this indispensable companion to Volume 1, revelation of the mysteries of sheltermaking can be said to be complete. With its roots in Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra traditions this Manual will forever change how we think of architecture, houses and even ourselves! Building on the firm foundation laid down in Volume 1 this volume deals with the selection of appropriate materials and their assembly. Also covered are plumbing, drainage and electrical services, planning and site selection, and, the all important layout when the plan is assembled. Costing and the preparation of planning and working drawings are covered also.

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The Sheltermaker's Manual Vol 2 - Peter Cowman

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