• Hot Pepper Diavoletto

Pepper Diavoletto, also known as Diavolicchio, is a small and fiery hot pepper variety originating from Italy. The name "Diavoletto" is derived from the Italian word "diavolo," meaning "devil," due to its intense heat. These peppers are typically used to add a spicy kick to various Italian dishes, such as pasta sauces, seafood, and condiments. They are known for their bright, sizzling heat, making them a versatile ingredient for those who enjoy spicy flavors. The Diavolicchio Diamante, a type of Pepper Diavoletto, measures around 40,000 to 50,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU), placing it in the medium to hot range on the Scoville scale. The peppers are often pickled or preserved in olive oil to be used in cooking. They are also celebrated at the annual Peperoncino Festival in Diamante, Calabria, which is a tribute to the local hot chili pepper, the Diavolicchio Diamante.

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Hot Pepper Diavoletto

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