• Garden Orache - Green

Atriplex hortensis

Garden Orache can be prepared in a similar way as spinach. It can be grown on all types of soil. In order to harvest young leaves continuously you should sow frequently. If you would allow the plants to keep growing, than we recommend to only eat the leaves (the stems become to fibrous). It forms a loose crop of rather high standing fresh green leaves.

A hardy annual herb, orache grows up to 72 inches (182 cm.) in height. The flowers of orache are small and insignificant. The leaves are variously shaped and coloured depending upon the variety with a flavour, when cooked, that is said to have a mineral flavour with a hint of fennel.

Sow orache seeds in the spring as early as the soil can be worked, two inches apart in rows that are 12-18 inches (30-45 cm.) apart. Thinly cover them with soil. Keep the germinating seeds moist. When the seedlings are 6 inches (15 cm.) tall, thin the plants, spacing them 12-18 inches (30-45 cm.) apart.

Eat the tender thinned seedlings in a salad. In fact, orache is often an ingredient in the expensive microgreen mixes found at the grocers.

As to harvesting orache plants, plants mature between 30-40 days but, as mentioned, you can begin harvesting orache plants at thinning. Use the leaves in salads, as garnishes, as a cooked green or stuff the leaves as you would grape leaves. Add a leaf to rice to turn it pink and astound the family. Toss into pasta or into soup; in fact, there is a traditional Romanian soup made of orache rather akin to Greek avoglemono, which is made simply with orach, rice, onion, lemon, and eggs.

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Garden Orache - Green

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