Gaian Geomancy: Geomantic Overview. Earth’s Crystal Grid. Chinese and Tibetan geomancy. Feng Shui. British Earth Mysteries. North American Earth mysteries. Modern trends in northern hemisphere geomancy. Crop circles. Neo-Megalithics.

Australasian Geomancy

Geomancy in Australia – The Rainbow Serpent, The Coiled Palms, An Earth Mystery in South Australia, Tower Hill, Dowsing Aboriginal Sites, Kumarangk, Nimbin Rocks, Sacred Alice Springs, Flinders Ranges, The Battle For Timbarra. Geomancy in New Zealand and Polynesia.

Geobiology and Electro-biology

Are You Under Geopathic Stress? Dangers of Electro-stress. Book reviews – ‘Watts the Buzz?’ and ‘Technology’s Curse’. Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place?

Meet the Devas

Discovering the Devic Dimensions. Deva Dowsing. Book Reviews – ‘Irish Fairy Tales’, ‘Nature Spirits and Elemental Beings’. The Green Man. Meetings with Pan. Angels in Canberra. Spirit Dimensions of the Pacific Islands.Tales of the Taniwha. Monster stops Roadworks! Treading on the Taniwha’s Tail.

Meet the Geomancers

Steven Guth – Custodianship at Bibaringa. Billy Arnold – Maps of the Dreaming. Phillip Simpfendorfer – Interview and Obituary. Frank Moody – North Queensland’s ‘Feng Shui Man’. Tim Strachan – Geomancing the City. Peter Archer – New Zealand Flower Power. Charles Curwain – Energy Worker in Victoria. John Billingsley – Yorkshire Dreaming

Working with Earth Energies

Suburban Sacred Site. ‘Real magic under a southern sky’ – book review. A Workshop of Earth attunement. Gariwerd gathering. Exploring an Earth vortex. Chanting at sacred sites. Gundagai Earth Connection Weekend. Cycle of pilgrimage in Yorkshire. ‘Healing the Heart of the Earth’ – book review. Fountain groups. Community geomancy. Devas and Power Towers.

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Divining Earth Spirit - Alanna Moore

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