Sensitive Permaculture - Cultivating the Way of the Sacred Earth

by Alanna Moore, 2009.

Permaculture is the ethical design of sustainable culture and it’s mostly associated with eco-smart food gardening. For the past 22 years author Alanna Moore has been a keen permaculture practitioner and promoter, while for 26 years she has also worked as a geomancer, assessing and balancing the subtle energies of places. Through combining her two fields of expertise she has discovered that implementing a geomantic permaculture design for sustainable food production and living helps to alleviate environmental problems on many levels, as well as the negativity and unsustainability of today’s society. In this book she describes how to undertake a sensitive analysis of land capability in order to co-creatively develop a harmonious permaculture plan.

Alanna has been dividing her time between Australia and Ireland, both places where knowledge of geomancy ­ the Earth’s subtle, energetic dimensions – has survived relatively well, in understated undercurrents at the least. The Australian Aborigines and native Irish are highly intuitive peoples. Like other animist societies, the Irish believed that fairy beings help to care for their crops and livestock and that the ‘Good People’ must always be thanked, and their homes and pathways respected.

Nature spirits continue to be a dynamic force in the landscape, Alanna has discovered in her life of professional dowsing experience, travel and international teaching. By pendulum dowsing and meditative attunement she finds exactly where these beings are stationed and can thus avoid disturbing them. In this book she explains how eliciting nature’s help in the garden and co-operating with the resident fairies can foster harmonious feng shui and the growth of giant juicy vegetables, as well as nourish our own inner, spiritual gardens.

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Sensitive Permaculture - Alanna Moore

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