• Topmix Complete Organic Plant Food

Topmix Complete Organic Plant Food

  • Topmix is tested regularly to make sure that it is free from pathogens.
  • Any germs or weed seeds are killed through the special process of fermentation and drying.
  • A source of organic matter to the soil (60% DM) which helps increase water retaining capacity and feeds microbiological activity.
  • Approved for use on organic holdings subject to approval from your certification body.
Also available in 25kg bags in store 

Application Rates for Topmix
Vegetables - 20kg per 100m² - incorporate into the soil well before sowing/planting. Top dress with 8kg/100m² after one third of cultivation period.
New lawns - spread 150-200g/m² and rake in before sowing grass.
Lawns - spread 100g/m² in March. Repeat in June.
Roses - add 300g at planting. Top up with 250g in March and June.
Shrubs/Fruit - incorporate 250g per plant into soil at planting. Top up with 300g each year in March and again in June.
New Gardens - after initial cultivation work 250g/m² into soil in spring. Repeat later in the summer if needed.

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Topmix Complete Organic Plant Food

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