• Tomato - Matina
Tomato 'Matina' is a classic salad tomato variety that is easy to grow and care for. It is a robust and disease-tolerant plant that can be grown outdoors, in pots, or in the greenhouse. This variety produces medium-sized, bright red fruits that are round, juicy, and have a fruity, sweet and sour taste. 'Matina' is an early-ripening variety, with the first fruits ready for harvest as early as mid-July. The plants grow vigorously and can reach up to two meters tall, with leaves that resemble those of a potato. 'Matina' is an indeterminate type of tomato, producing a good crop of large fruits that are full of flavor. It is a popular choice among hobby gardeners and is an heirloom variety, meaning that its seeds can be saved and sown next year.
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Tomato - Matina

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