• Celeriac - 'Fame Of Zwijndrecht'

Apium graveolens - 250 seeds

Celeriac Roem van Zwijndrecht forms a turnip with a diameter of about 10 cm and is smaller than the most common celeriac. This celeriac has a long growing period and especially at the end, when the growth of the turnip takes place, the plant has to have enough nutrients at its disposal. This requires a rich soil, preferably with much humus. A scoop of compost in the planting hole works very well. Exhume late October, shake the dirt off, cut the outer leaves and burrow the plants together, with the turnip just underground. Cover during frost.

How to grow:

Surface sow in Feb/March on heat in seed trays, prick out as they get first true leaves into modules. Bring on until they’re big enough to go outside in May/June. Keep root ball at the surface when replanting. Plant in a rich soil about 45cms apart. Matures late October, best to left before the first frosts.

Problem solving:
Keep slugs off when young.

Field production


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Celeriac - 'Fame Of Zwijndrecht'

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