Brassica oleracea - 25 seeds

Romanesco 'Veronica F1' is suitable for late summer cultivation. This unusual and attractive cauliflower consists of many little yellow-green ‘towers'. Very uniform crop.

Veronica F1 is a bright-green Romanesco type cauliflower. Romanesco types are often referred to as calabrese but, botanically, they are a cauliflower. The bright colour and intricate, pointed nature of the curds of Veronica F1 makes it an interesting one to grow for its looks alone but the taste is also great and the texture slightly smoother than the traditional white varieties.

How to grow:
Grow in the brassica section of your rotation.
Sow early varieties in modules, undercover from mid-February. Later sowings can be made in the brassica seed bed during April and May.
Transplant into permanent growing position from late March to July depending on sowing time, 60 cm apart. Your transplants should be about 12 cm tall. Transplant carefully and water well.
Most of our F1 varieties recommend direct planting. To do this plant 2 seeds directly into the growing site at a spacing of 60cm.
Thin to the strongest seedling and keep well-watered.
Harvest from Summer through until Autumn depending on your sowing time. The curds should be well formed and tight. You need to pull back the covering leaves and check them regularly as harvest time approaches. Sometimes they seem to be ready almost overnight!

Pests and diseases:
The seedlings can be susceptible to slug damage and may need the use of environmentally friendly slug control.
The mature plants are affected by cabbage white butterfly caterpillars. The best way to protect them is to net with Environmesh during the Summer.

Field production


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Cauliflower - Romanesco 'Veronica F1'

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