Batavia lettuce Blonde de Paris has very crispy and sweet leaves. It is a type in between regular butterhead and iceberg lettuce.

How to grow:
Grow in the miscellaneous section of your rotation.
Depending on variety, Lettuce can be sown nearly all year round.
Sow seed in modules of good organic seed compost at a temperature not exceeding 18 degrees C.
Transplant into the growing site when large enough at a distance of 20-30cm.
Lettuce can be sown outside from late March onward in most seasons. Sow in shallow drills and thin to the spacing above.
Keep well-watered in dry weather.
Pests and diseases:
As lettuce is so widely grown there are a number of diseases that affect commercial crops in particular.
New varieties are being continually developed with added resistance, but slugs and aphids are sometimes still a problem.
How to cook:
Lettuce can be braised and even cooked in soup but it is primarily a salad plant. It is not just to be thrown together with a bit of cucumber and tomato though as there are many other uses.
It’s great in burger buns, sandwiches, spicy wraps and even as a bed for a tikka curry. We like to wash lettuce and dry it in a clean tea towel or you can use a salad spinner.
Mix with other leafy greens like cress, rocket or cornsalad for a perfect green salad.

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Lettuce Blonde de Paris

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