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Originally a green field site, The Organic Centre site  is now home to a wholesome range of vegetables, flowers, edible flowers and herbs, demonstration poly-tunnels, an orchard, croplands and our an organic woodland populated with native irish trees.

Organic growing doesn’t just mean throwing away the chemical weed killers and pesticide sprays. It is all about nature and here at the centre we work with nature to ensure a healthy, productive and sustainable environment. Organic growing is about feeding the soil, encouraging wildlife, and getting creative with nature’s pest and disease controls. It’s cheap, it’s practical – and it’s good for plants, people and the planet.

Our gardens showcase different ways to grow organically and the Centre is packed full of ideas to help you get started, you don't need a big garden or allotment; a window box or pots on your balcony or patio can be a very good starting point. And if you mix your planting you can enhance your fruit and vegetables with beautiful flowers, enjoy the wildlife and have a succession of fresh produce.

The five basic principles for growing organically are:

Build and maintain soil health .

The soil is full of life, which supports healthy plant growth.

Encourage biodiversity .

Different life forms such as plants, insects, birds and mammals all have a role in creating a resilient growing system.

Use resources responsibly .

The organic grower uses resources sustainably, with minimum damage to the planet. Includes guidelines on use of water, energy, wood, plastic and growing containers.

Avoid using harmful chemicals .

Toxic chemicals used to kill weeds, diseases and pests can damage the health of your growing area, and all the life-forms within and beyond it.

Maintain a healthy growing area .

Keeping your growing area in good health, rather than just pest and disease free, is at the heart of organic growing. A diverse and vigorous growing system, good hygiene, and close observation all help prevent problems.


It has taken patience and hard work to create the unique and diverse environment at the Centre, and our gardens are a growing testament to how everyone can grow with nature.

We have grown limes and aubergines; tomatoes and even have our very own Leitrim grapes. All the work is undertaken by members of our thriving community garden project, TOC staff and volunteer, and the full-time MLSETB students.


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