Why not bring your group on a tour of The Organic Centre?

Tours and workshops can be tailored to suit your school, community group or staff team and we have a lot to offer.

You can take a tour that will give you insight into how our organic food garden and farm team produces food.

You can take a bug or butterfly trail or try some seed planting of your own, or make some compost.

All our tours and workshops are interactive and adaptable to all age groups.

Our tours touch on a range of secondary subjects: Home Economics, Geography, Biology, Agricultural Science & Ecology.

We can incorporate topics including sustainability, biodiversity and the story of the humble carrot from Farm to Fork.

All tours and workshops give you an opportunity to learn about food-production, organic growing, biodiversity, horticulture, farming and the sustainable practices we use.

Your class/group can follow the story of food production from our farm to the consumer including how we process food and make our very special Apple Juice.

All tours can be adapted to your group and we will be asking questions of your group members or students as well as inviting them to ask questions.

To find out more give us a call on 0719854338 or email info@theorganiccentre.ie

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