We are a small expert team who work together inside and outside the building, 

We talk, analyse, fix, review and discuss, and this is who and what we are.

We all have our job titles and roles but we are BIG on sharing the workload and getting the job done.

For general inquiries please call 071 985 4338 or pop us an email at info@theorganiccentre.ie
Please say which staff member you are trying to contact if they have the same email address.

The Team:

General Manager - Jan Melia - jan@theorganiccentrei.ie

Head Gardner - Stephen Campbell - stephen@theorganiccentre.ie

Marketing Admin - Dervilla Keegan - info@theorganiccentre.ie

Head of Finance - Helen Pinoff - helen@theorganiccentre.ie 

Finance Assitant - Karen White - karenattheorganiccentre@gmail.com

Sales Team - Amy Mellor, Bev Mellor & Owen Whitford - sales@theorganiccentre.ie

Production Development Coordinator - Wes Harding - wesattheorganiccentre@gmail.com

Projects Coordinator - Jimmy White - jimmyattheorganiccentre@gmail.com

ETB Staff

Coordinator - Phil Wheal - lti@theorganiccentre.ie

Coordinator - Ingrid Foley - lti@theorganiccentre.ie

Assistant Coordinator - Steve Hoey - lti@theorganiccentre.ie