The Grass Roof Cafe is now reopened from 10-4pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Serves vegetarian with vegan options. From farm (of only a few metres away) to fork. 


Sit back, and relax with a warm drink and one of our wonderful gardening books,treat the family to a delicious lunch or take a well deserved break after working up an appetite on one of our many courses.



The cafe has lots to offer, and there is plenty of space to eat outdoors, and whilst we could say how great we are, we thought it better to let some of our customers say it for us.....


"The food is delicious, and the surroundings are inspired, what better way to spend a Sunday, sitting in the sun, the children playing and the birds singing away."

"The cafe is just what we needed, after a day cycling in North Leitrim".

"The staff are really friendly and catered for all of us, veggie, vegan and the rest."


Submit any of your own Vegetarian & Vegan Homemade Seasonal Recipes and we'll share them here!!


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