Fowley’s Falls

Just a few hundred yards from The Organic Centre is the lower entrance to Fowley’s Fall’s; one of the best kept secrets of north Leitrim.

As the Glenanniff River travels down from the mountains above, it has eroded the local blue limestone to form a deep river valley. Unlike the more popular Glencar waterfall, Fowley’s Falls is not a single drop waterfall; instead, it cascades in a series of drops over the exposed bedrock to form a spectacular torrent of water rushing through the steep valley towards Lough Melvin.

The Walk

In the early 1980s, a scheme was organised to clear a path to make the falls accessible to walkers and anyone simply wishing to enjoy its unique beauty. When the scheme ended the walkway gradually fell into a state of disrepair. In 2003 Rossinver Community Development Company (RCDC) decided to restore the walk-in keeping with the original vision, which was to keep the walk as natural as possible with minimal interference with the natural ecosystem.

The total length of the walk is around one and three-quarter miles (around 3 kilometres) and is an easy yet extremely enjoyable walk for adults and children alike. Definitely to be considered if you are in the area. Please note this is not a circular loop walk.


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